Excursion to Kakheti: Telavi – Tsinandali

Telavi is a city in the Alazani Valley of Georgia, the administrative center of Kakheti. The city is located on the northern slope of the Tsivi-Gombor Range, 70 km from Tbilisi. Telavi is known since the I century BC, for centuries it was an important trade center on the caravan route from the Middle East to Europe.

The Museum-Fortress of Erekle II (18th c). Fortress with towers, inside which is actually a house-museum, where he was born and grew up Erekle II. The house is one-storey and small. There are a few more buildings, a temple and a good viewing platform with views of the Alazan valley. King Erekle II entered the history of Georgia as the king who signed the Treaty of Georgia with the Russian Empire. Monument to King Erekle II is installed in front of the fortress.
Telavi remained in the memory of the Soviet people because of the famous movie “Mimino.

Tsinandali is not only a type of wine, but also a village where the chic estate of the Kakhetian princes Chavchavadze is located.
A. Chavchavadze Museum House in Tsinandali is a romantic love story of a Russian diplomat and a Georgian princess. This is where the Europeanization of Georgia began, and where the Georgian wine industry as we know it today began. It is now home to a museum, a park, a wine cellar and a tasting room. Lermontov is said to have visited here and Griboyedov confessed his love to Nino Chavchavadze here.
The current Tsinandali Palace was built in the early 1820s by the famous Georgian poet and thinker Alexander Chavchavadze. The prince wanted to bring the elegance of the European estates and the experience of the palace parks near St. Petersburg into the luxurious nature of Georgia.

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