Tour: Ananuri and Kazbegi

Ananuri Fortress (16th century) is located on the bank of the Zhinvali Reservoir, next to the Georgian Military Road. Ananuri fortress is the former main outpost of the Aragvi eristavstvo (medieval feudal principality in Georgia). In ancient architectural ensemble residential, military and cult constructions are united. Up to now only the upper castle (citadel) with powerful fortress walls, square tower with a pyramidal roof (the earliest building on the territory of the fortress), two churches and a bell tower have survived from the powerful defensive construction. Of the lower castle and two small churches located on its territory, only ruins remained. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, located in the territory of the fortress, was erected in 1689. The temple was built of hewn stone, its facades are decorated with reliefs depicting saints, animals and plants.

The town of Kazbegi, now considered a resort, is located at the very foot of Mount Kazbek, not far from the Terek River. Kazbegi resort, for tourists organizes regular climbs on Mount Kazbegi under the guidance of experienced instructors and professional climbers.
These places are famous, first of all, for their nature. Local mountains, gorges, passes, lakes, rivers, and forests are the main attractions.
Church of the Holy Trinity Gergeti (2170 m above sea level). It was built 600 years ago of stone, and is one of the historical sites and is the pride of the country. When the weather is clear, you can enjoy a stunning, phantasmagoric view of one of the highest peaks of Georgia – Mount Kazbek (5147 m).

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