«Chateau Fort de Manavi»

Family estate (castle – fortress) of the family of Mr. Levan Tsakadze

The first documentary mention of the Tsakadze surname was found carved in stone above the left portal of the Zarzma Monastery (9th century AD) in the region Samzche-Javakheti. The inscription says: “წაქაძესა გიორგისა და მშობელსა მისსა, დედისიმედსა შეუნდენ ღმერთმან!” which means: “Tsakadze George and his ancestress Dedicimedi, Lord bless them!”.

Historians have not yet reliably studied what was the reason for such a respectful attitude to this family that their memory has been immortalized for centuries. But knowing the history of this region, scientists suggest that perhaps this representative of the Tsakadze family was the defender of the monastery and served in the safeguard of the royal family Bagrationi which fought bravely against the enemies who regularly attacked these lands in those days. According to historical documents the northern borders of the principality which corresponds to the modern district of Samshe – Javakheti, were defended by brave warriors. They were tall and very strong. Their task was to keep the raids of strangers, while women, children, the elderly and herds of animals went up to the monastery-fortress where you could even live for quite long period in complete encirclement.

There are little more information about Dedicimedi. She was the Georgian princess in House of Mukhrani, one of the branches of the royal Bagrationi dynasty. She played a leading role in the war with the Ottoman Empire on the territory of Samtskhe in the XVI century A.D. After the Ottoman Empire seized its principality, Dedicimedi retired to Kartli (Western Georgia). Residents also went north fleeing persecution. The ruler of Western Georgia (Kartli) King Solomon II allocated land to his soldiers and their families in the area of today’s Imereti. Thus appeared the villages of Sviri I and Sviri II which still exist. The name “Sviri” is translated from Georgian as “protector”. These two villages are still 80% populated by families of the Tsakadze dynasty.

Until the XVIII century modern Georgia was not a single state. Eastern and Western territories were ruled by brothers — kings Solomon II and Heraclius II. Voluntary unification of Georgia occurred only in 1790 under the leadership of Heraclius II. But in the face of danger and attacks of enemies the brothers always united. Therefore when hordes from Iran, Turkey and modern Azerbaijan attacked Eastern Georgia, defenders from Western Georgia were sent to help. Thus appeared the brave warriors of Tsakadze in Eastern Georgia. Nowadays family Tsakadze continues to live and to serve faithfully his homeland. Today the memory of these brave and courageous people — is our history.

The village of Manavi (Sagarejo district, Kakheti) where the «Chateau Fort de Manavi» was built by us with great love for the history of our Motherland, has always been a strategically important point of organizing the security of the country and the capital of Georgia. In addition, it is also such a beautiful and picturesque place that the royal family of Bagrationi built a castle and its summer residence here. In Manavi village was married the parents of the most famous last king of Georgia Heraclius II — King Teimuraz and Queen Tamara. In summer the royal family sometimes stayed in their Manavi castle.

The modern representatives of the Tsakadze family are people of various professions — military leaders, famous athletes, big businessmen, scientists and ordinary winegrowers. While the country lives a peaceful life — we grow grapes, make wine, raise children, meet guests.

For us, people are not divided by wealth, skin color or religion. We live according to the covenant of our wisest Queen Tamara: “ჩვენ ერთი სისხლისანი ვართ” – “We are of the same blood.”
We are glad to everyone who came to us with PEACE.
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