«Chateau Fort de Manavi»

Snow-capped mountains, warm gentle sea, green desert, the deepest centuries-old stalactite caves, healing mineral springs, wines of amazing taste and magically aromatic and delicious cuisine – all in one bottle. We don’t know where else you can find such a magical combination!? But in Georgia you can! You need just to pack up and fly.

You can of course choose a comfortable hotel in the city, have breakfast with a standard buffet, go on an excursion, see Georgia from the window of a tourist bus and leave home with the feeling “we saw many beautiful places like this” because there are stunning sights in many parts of the world. But in order to understand, feel and fall in love with Georgia forever – you need to live, even if not for long, among ordinary people. Eat shashlik, drink homemade wine, sing and even learn to dance Georgian dances, because here it is — Paradise on Earth, that’s it the place that God intended to keep for himself, but He gave it to the Georgians when they came to God, a little late because of the long toast that the tamada said. We invite you to the «Chateau Fort de Manavi» where you will feel just like in an old georgian fairy tale and will love Georgia just like we do!

«Chateau Fort de Manavi» is an opportunity to spend the night in a real Georgian castle, to get acquainted with the ancient technology of the preparation and storage of magical Georgian wine. In autumn you can take part in grape harvesting in our grape fields and laying young wine (rtveli), bake with us fragrant bread (puri) which we eat with cheese, but which is so delicious itself that it is impossible to tear yourself away, make jam which will remind you at home about Georgia with its aroma of summer. You will also learn the secrets of cooking Georgian dishes “first hand” and learn how to cook them by yourself. Children can learn how to care for pets and if they wish to participate in this process – in a word to plunge into a magical world from which many of us have lost the habit of, living in stuffy and dusty cities.

We have a great 30 year experience in tourism, our own transport, well-educated guides who speak 7 languages. Therefore, while travelling with us you could see all interesting sights in the Eastern Georgia. And on your return — silence, comfort and an excellent dinner cooked right before your eyes from products grown right there and, of course, home-made wines of several varieties and chacha, and long conversations about impressions of the day.

Nobody leaves our «Chateau Fort de Manavi» empty-handed. Our guests can buy wines and chacha from the «Chateau Fort de Manavi» company which they liked most during a wine tasting. You will not buy this wine anywhere else! Our wines and chacha are produced from grapes grown only on our own vineyards without adding any chemistry and additives. It is produced almost “manually” in small almost exclusive lots.

You will want to return here again,
as many others who have already visited us!

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