Regional wines and wine tasting at the
«Chateau Fort de Manavi»

The «Chateau Fort de Manavi» produces wines according to the ancient Kakheti technology — in qvevri.

Wine tastings at the «Chateau Fort de Manavi» are held directly at the Marani. Marani is the premises (cellar) where qvevri (clay jugs of wine buried in the ground) arestored. Here you can see with your own eyes the whole history of the development of homemade traditional winemaking, enjoy the story of hoary antiquity and try a divine drink — wine made from grapes grown right there in the vineyards of the «Chateau Fort de Manavi».

In the «Chateau Fort de Manavi» we produce wines in very limited quantities. It is absolutely environmentally friendly, without any additives or impurities. We do not produce wine for wholesale, do not give them for sale to retail chains. We produce our wines only from grapes grown in our vineyards in the Manavi region. You can taste and buy your favorite wine only here – at the «Chateau Fort de Manavi».

Wine & chacha tasting for our guests includes:

  • Dry wines: up to 5 varieties
  • Georgian chacha different varieties: white, on oak, on walnut partitions, on tarragon, on mint, on pomegranate, on a rose, on a cherry.

Here you can taste and buy the famous Georgian chacha, including chacha with various additives that ennoble its taste. If you wish and pre-order you can yourself (with our help) overtake the chacha from the grape pulp remaining after the wine is pressed.

Wine tasting packages at the «Chateau Fort de Manavi»:


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